Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Click here to read a great review from Daniel Lin in Australia.

Highlights include:

"The Cana Mystery is a very good read; it is difficult to put it down once you start reading it."

"Some have compared [The Cana Mystery] with The Da Vinci Code, but I think it is more similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Having said this, I did some research on the historical facts mentioned in the book, and they all turned out to be accurate.  By reading this book, I've learnt a fair bit of history ...  I think the quality of this book is far superior to The Da Vinci Code."

"The characters are well portrayed, the story is very well written, and the plot moves at a very fast pace.  ... This plot is interesting and has some surprising twists and turns."

"[The Cana Mystery] is categorized as Catholic fiction.  Yet, it does not seek to preach like a broken record player.  Instead, the story and the central characters displayed core Christian virtues.  This is the first time I am reading Catholic fiction, and I am impressed.  I hope David Beckett will write a sequel to this book, because this stuff is truly great."